Shopping Weekend!

Hi pretty ladies!
When we were in Japan (yay for a way overdue post!) our uncle was holding an event where they were showing art, some dance and music so we went to check it out!^^
The event was two days (Sat, Sun) and we went both days but we hardly took any pictures the first dayxD

The first day was pretty slow, but after it finished we decided to go to Harajuku and check if we couldn't find some cute pajamas for not too much money! We really needed some cute, or at least presentable pajamas as we were going to stay at our friends place soon after~^^ We were walking past aimerfeel and saw these and decided to buy them! Also wanted a cardigan, but they didn't have two of the one we wanted>< Twin problem much? haha, thankfully we don't think as much like that anymoreXD

Also, must add that even though these were really cheap, the quality is great! We've been using them almost everyday ever since getting them and you really wouldn't think that we've had them for so long!

Then we also checked out Harajuku Alta a bit, and they really have a lot of cute stuff! Pretty sure our mom would love those wings for her sneakers! xD

Our look for the second day~
These contacts are pure love, would so love to find them for cheap.... but I don't have much faith in that as they're monthly...><

This time our uncles wife was also showing her fashion designs for her Eiko's World Fashion^^ (She is the one in the white blouse^^).
The model came out in an all white outfit, pencil skirt and a peplum top, they then added two layers of underskirts and then the red skirt, top and corset + changing her makeup and hairstyle!^^

It was really cool to look at and we really do love her designs! Too bad that everything is just a bit too princessy for us to be able to wearXD

Our legs though! OMG!XD

Our outfit that day was :
Outer: Lip Service
Top: Delyle Noir
Skirt: DaTuRa
Shoes: Rienda

We were really happy that our outfit included so many brands, instead of JUST ONE! xD
Then the event ended and we decided to go to Shibuya and spend some money~~~~

Would love to include some pics of what we got, but at the time we forgot to take them, and now we've completely forgotten what we got at that time...-.-'


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With love♡

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