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January 24, 2016

Hi pretty gals!
On the 15th of January we had a work party! In Iceland companies often hold a big party for their employees once a year (the bigger the company, the bigger the party)! And since we have been working for the Blue Lagoon we had been really anticipating this one!



Our look for the event!
The dress is from Laguna Moon, but we have had it for quite a while so I, Emi, decided to shorten it to that length from a maxi length! It turned out really good, even if I say so myself!
The bag is from our grandmother, and it is probably 40-50 years old, but we love it so much! The shoes are just some shoes we found on Taobao last year, but people kept complementing us on them!
The coats are then from RESEXXY^^

The food~
The appetizer was a cold lightly smoked salmon, with some kind of creme cheese filling. I don't dislike salmon, but I usually like it "buried" (don't know if it has some special English name), with special sauce on a toast, and this one was just "MEH"...
The main was the beef soaked in red wine, but honestly, the meat was well cooked, but it tasted so bland, like it hadn't been soaked in anything, nor had any spice...Such a let down, as the meat was obviously good quality...
Then the desert was chocolate mousse on a chocolate cake with spiced strawberry ice cream on gingerbread cookie crumbs. The desert was the best of them all! By far.

Sadly to say getting this piece of artwork was the best part of the evening!
Some stuff had been happening at work that made us feel quite down, and then we ended up not being able to converse with our coworkers like we wanted, as we sat at a different table, and just other stuff jumbled up together, so we ended up feeling somewhat out of place the whole evening and spent most of the time just kind of waiting until the bus would arrive to take us back home D:

BUT! Back to the artwork, I think we mentioned it before, but we commissioned our friend, Purple Enma, to make an header, end of post picture and a frame for a profile picture. Then she sent us that sketch for our "end of post picture", and it just made our day! She is just an amazing artist! So go check her out!!!


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