Happy New year!

Hey gals!
This is the time where many people look back on the year and reflect on the things that have happened in their life the past year. Our year has been quite eventful I would like to think, so let's take a look at few highlights♡

The biggest decision we made was after putting it off for a few months to just go ahead and "move" to Japan. We had been waiting on our visa, but we couldn't anymore so we just said fuck it and went!
Definitely the best decision we made this year!

We decided to live in a share-house and even though this share-house is not our favorite place in the world, the friends we made there definitely made up for it and we are so happy to have gotten to know them all and cannot wait to meet them again in January!

We didn't really do anything extraordinary while in Japan, but we got to meet so many people and that is something we really do enjoy, we ate lots of good food, went to the beach, bot burned at the beach, had food parties, celebrated our birthday... It really has been such a great year!

Really, everyone involved in our lives, thank you so much! We love you all so much!

After a few really good months in Japan, we went back to Iceland and while we love meeting our friends here and family, we can't help but to just look till the time we return to Japan, and finally after months of waiting our visas are finally in our hands so we could buy our tickets and start counting down the days until we go♡

But since this is a makeup/fashion blog I would like to mention that I am very pleased with our improvement in our style this year and I really do feel that we improved a lot as Onee gyaru and I am really excited to improve even more and try out more things with this style!

We also got hair extensions for the first time and also got gel nails done professionally for the first time! Really would love to try getting eyelash extensions this year!

We found new brands to love, learned better what suits us both in style and makeup and we've really enjoyed making new posts for our blog even though we haven't been making as many "Talking Makeup" posts and makeup tutorials~

2016 is looking to be a really great year for us, we're moving to Japan on the 25th of January, but before that the year really will start off great as we are getting some awesome friends visiting to Iceland, which always surprises us in a way as Iceland is so "far away" from everything, but we really appreciate that people would come here to meet us! :D

We never really make any new years resolutions since we don't really have much motivation and whatever we would call our resolutions we would probably not keep up with itXD haha
But, I guess we just have the goal of being happy, improving in our style and getting ALL the Rady!!!XD

Also really looking forward to going to Japan and meeting our friends there, do some more fun stuff and hopefully experience something new and exciting!!!


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With love♡

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