White/Beige Inspirations

Hi gals!
As many of you might have noticed in the past few months, we've both been really obsessed over white clothes, and now more recently beige/ivory has forced their way among my favorite colors!
For now I am mostly taking inspirations from Delyle NOIR and DaTuRa, but they have some really pretty white and beige items!

These here are without a doubt the most colorful of the bunch!XD
But I fell in love with them as soon as I saw them, especially the middle one from DaTuRa, and even Emi who can't really see herself wearing dresses from DaTura was quite impressed with it and I'm sure I can convince her to get it :p

I usually don't really like wearing red, but the red dress really is to die for!!!

Some belts and shoes!
One thing that we really need to get more of for our wardrobe are belts and other accessories, but somehow that is always the last thing we think of buying, and then we always regret not having more of itXD

Pumps are my absolute love! I've been wanting some like these for ages, but they are just so expensive and it kills me on the inside! T^T I really love this color though, and though I've been obsessing over whites and beiges I would love them in different colors^^

The first top there is one that I've been going crazy over since I first saw one shop staff posting a pic of herself wearing it on twitter, and I really hope they'll still be selling it when we go back to Japan, and hopefully even on sale!:p

The Darling coat is something I've been wanting for aaageeees and I don't think I can stop thinking about it anytime soon, it's just so gorgeous! <3
I really like the other coat as well, my biggest fear though is what if it makes me look fat?
I don't know, but I've always stayed away from really big coats...

Delyle had already started selling those ring scarfs when we were still in Japan and they caught my eye right away as they seem pretty good for Japanese winter, and without overdoing it^^
The faux fur collar is also so really pretty and I could imagine it going well with our RESEXXY jacket^^

Pretty bags can really spice up a coordinate, and I've felt so devout of bags recently as I only have like two that I useXD such a terrible problem right!?
The pink one got to sneak in with the others, and the little pouch would be so adorable under a handkerchief and some cosmetics^^

Like I said earlier we lack in the accessorizing department, but these all are so pretty and would definitely make any outfit pop just a little bit more <3

We usually don't really wear pants or shorts, so skirts have always been our first choice <3

It's been really cold in Iceland, and sweaters such as these always seem so cozy and warm! Usually on lazy, cold days we like wearing our Liz Lisa sweater we got a few years back and it's always so comfortable!

While I love all of these three the Darling sweater (the first one) attracts me a lot because I really love the idea of wearing one matching with your "darling" XD haha, I love the pictures with Sakurina and the male model modeling this sweater! <3

I love the neckline of the third one, and if the shirt is detachable, then it's all the more a great buy!!

What do you lovelies think? Anything in particular that you've been "obsessing over" or what inspires you as of late? <3


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With love♡

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