Rienda Fukubukuro Past and Present

Hi gals!
This time we want to talk about Rienda's fukubukuro!
They usually have quite many items, so this post will be filled with pictures!

Also for the past three years, I think, they have had 'Happy Bags', where you get one dress and a coat for 10000¥, so I will show those as well!^^

Last years (or should I say this years?! xP) fukubukuro had a few OK-ish items, but the general feeling I felt around it was displeasure! Many girls seemed to only like 2-3 items of what they got, if they even liked anything! And quite frankly I am not surprised as most of the items seem outdated and not in tune with the years fashion.

I do see some items that are decent and might have some use-ability, but overall I think I would have been greatly disappointed if I had bought it.

2014 actually looks WAY better than 2015! Anyone else agree? Don't like the yellow/brown combo there, however quite many of the items seem really feminine and cute!

If only they had kept it more like 2014 in 2015!

2013 also has a few cute items! Seems beige was quite popular around that time!
I've also really been liking beige recently, so I would love to see more pieces in beige <3


The Happy Bags always look quite good in my opinion, don't know what they will bring this year though! But we will get to find that out soon enough!^^
They actually haven't posted anything about this years fukubukuro either! But seems like they either way usually only show what the bag looks like, so no missing out there really! :3

All in all I think if you want to get something from Rienda during new years I think the Happy Bag, or just the sales, would be a lot safer bet for your wallet than actually buying the lucky bag!

Maybe it will be better this year, but last years was so bad that I personally would not take the chance.

Also! If you guys haven't noticed :p we just changed up our blog!
What do you think about it? We're always searching for the perfect layout for us, and I truthfully think we found something that we can be pretty happy about for at least some whileXD
We probably still need to fix some minor details, so if you run across something that might need to be fixed, please do tell us!!!


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