The past days + Exciting stuff!!

Hey gals!
It's already pretty much Christmas, so we hope you've been having a good time with your loved ones<3 We've been working like usually, trying our best to make time to meet our friends, and we did some baking as well!!^^

Last week we went to meet our bestie in Reykjavik and, ofcourse like usual, we went to our favorite cafe, Babalú! There we sat and chatted for a while and had such a great time!!!

Before going to Babalu, we had to feed the gooses, ducks and swans by the pond!

Later in the evening we headed to our usual sushi place to meet some other friends^^
Sadly we don't meet our friends as often as we would like to since we live in a separate town, and traveling between places is just so expensive! But when we have a chance to go we do try our best to make plans to meet up!

Recently Dunkin' Donuts has opened two stores in Reykjavik, and since we had two friends in a need for coffee after dinner we decided to head on over to there^^
It was okay I guess, the mango drink could've done to have some stronger taste, but it just made me miss my usual drink at Starbucks... although it is quite different and definitely not on the same level when it comes to yummyness XD

aaand I kind of think I prefer Krispy Kreme over Dunkin' XD

Some exciting things have been happening lately, I don't remember how vocal we have been about our application for a visa in Japan have been on here, but after a long wait we finally have our visa!!!
This week we went to the Japanese embassy to pick up our passports and bought our tickets out as well!!! <3 That things are finally happening is so exciting and we can't wait to meet our friends and our "Japanese family" back in Japan!*^^*

We have about a month until we leave Iceland (flying out on the 25th of January), and this last month will be so busy and so much fun!!! First off Emi's boyfriend is visiting over Christmas, so that will be fun! Then in January all of our free weekends are bookedXD Our friend is visiting us in the beginning of the month and there is a banquet at work, then one of our best friends from when we went as exchange students in Japan is visiting during our last days here, which is really REALLY exciting!!!

Here's a look from last week - when we went to get the visa in our passports.
We went really unprepared, but we had to fill out some files and get pass photos in the correct size, both things we had not even thought that we needed to doXD haha, but even though it took a bit of a time to get everything finished we're just happy to have our visas in our hands now!

Now it's just to get this work weekend over, and then it's just Christmas time!
We still have some work over Christmas, but we are quite lucky with our days off so that's pretty nice~


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