Duras ss 2016 Exhibition

by - December 16, 2015

Hi gals! A while back Duras had their SPRING/summer exhibition and we wanted to show you all what they have in store for us^^ Luckily I managed to find quite a lot of pictures, so you can get a good picture of what kind of a collection they're releasing^^

From these pictures you can see that they will be releasing a lot of natural, brown colors as well as blue and white. I think that blue setup pictured to the left looks quite good and reminds me of other items that they have done as the pattern is really Duras!

Not too sure about this dress, as it seems to flimsy (boobs popping outXD).
Aaaand more browns!  The cardigan looks nice though!

I'm so picky with jeans, and these aren't really doing it for me><
The long cardigan is somehow really a/w to me as s/s should be more colorful, light colors so this dark color doesn't do much for me...

Lots of jewelry, not sure I like them a lot though... Maybe it is the picture quality, but some remind me of cheap metal jewelry while others are a bit too autumn-y for spring...:/ Opinions?

Would love to see them in real-life to see how the quality is!

Never been a huge fan of fringe bags, but I really like the ankle jewelry and the shoes! Especially the hot pink pumps! Just hope that they have a cushion in the toe ;)

These kind of wedgies are really convenient for anyone that walks around a lot, so I'm glad to see them in many colors and a few variations^^

Seen this style a lot recently, a lot of brands seemed to be into the comfortable/ yet stylish trend... But I feel that it might be a bit too toned down... somehow getting into a more "mainstream fashion" :/

Lots of browns, whites and blues... And stripes, never been a big fan of stripes...
Also a pink/brown version of the blue set from earlier! Definitely will check it out <3

Am I the only one that feels like a tight dress with lace on the side has been done a numerous times too often? It's an interesting concept as it probably helps to give the effect of a smaller waist/hips and while Duras' dress looks more high quality than many other lace dresses, it feels like a maybe too often used idea.

Will check out their items when they arrive, however I do hope that they have better items coming, or that these just don't represent this collection well enough^^


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