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Hi gals! 
We want to wish you all merry Christmas! Hope you all had some good food and amazing outfits ;) We will blog about our Christmas soon, but until then we want to leave you with these pretty inspirations ❤︎

But, today we want to look at some pretty shop staff/model nails❤︎
Nails can be very important in completing a look, and many of them have really pretty nails that makes one full of envy XD We will look at staff from a few stores and then models that we like^^

Sachiyo - Isana

Nails from Sachiyo and Isana, staff from RESEXXY.
I especially like Sachiyo's nails, as even though they are quite simple, that one nail bejeweled like that really make her nails pop in a nice way! And seeing as there is only one nail decorated like that it keeps it from going overboard.

Misaki - Haru

Haruka - Ayaka

Lip Service staff.
Have to admit that Ayaka's nails are definitely my least favorite, even though they are really A/W-ery but plaid-like patterns have never really been high up there in my opinion.
My favorite are definitely Haruka's with her Chanel inspired design, that gold is just to die for(as is the way it is so glittery, never enough of that)! Just looks so perfect.

Mao - Nozomi - Manami

Rienda staff nails.
Really like the simpleness of the nails, especially Mao's and Nozomi's, however I wish there was also a small detail on Manami's nails, haha, but that is of course only my preference^^

Sanae - Natsuki

Arisa - Reika - Megumi

Duras shop staff nails.
Even though Sanae's nails are not that winter-y, I must say that I really like them the most! I am so picky though! Can't help but wish that Megumi didn' have those dots on her nails xD Would be perfect without them ❤︎

Kanae - Emiri - Chie

Also wanted to include nails from these pretties, Sugiyama Kanae (Ane Ageha), Aizawa Emiri (EmiriaWiz) and Yoshikawa Chie (Ageha).

All so amazingly pretty and all the pretty pretty jewels make them all that more precious<3
Now we just NEED to get some pretty nails!! We haven't gotten gel in a few months, and now due to work our nails are pretty bad and always breaking, so getting some gel might be a nice change!
Hopefully soon<3


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With love♡

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