Duras Fukubukuro Past and Present

Hi gals!
This will probably be the last installment in these series, but we would love to know what you thought about these posts <3

In this last installment we want to go over the coming Lucky bag from Duras and what they have had in the past.

Coming this January! You can choose from two bags, depending on which outer you want^^ Also included is that sweater dress, which comes in few colors + three other items.


Last years bag, also came in two versions. Not really items that I particularly want, but still look good and the quality doesn't seem bad! Quite fancy that skirt though!^^


I like the sweater and the fluffy top, really cute!
The good thing about this one is that the items are all pretty consistent so coordinating them together should be no problem!


The bag itself is really pretty!
...but I don't really fancy the rest so much... at least not by themselves, might look pretty nice coordinated though!


Yeah... these colors just aren't really doing it for me><

I like most of what they have had in the past, except for 2012:/
What did you gals think?


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