New Lenses from Uniqso and Teacon

by - December 01, 2015

Hi gals!!!

Recently there have been a lot of sales going on so we decided to grab a few contacts!
We've been really needing new contacts recently so having all these sales going on was just exactly what we needed! The contacts we ordered are from two sites; Uniqso and Teacon!

Uniqso had a 50% off discount, so we managed to grab six pairs of yearly contacts for around 80$ with DHL shipping. While Teacon was around 5000¥ for four pairs of monthlies! But they had a great discount were you buy one for around 1800¥ and get the second one for 777¥ Couldn't get better!

The first row down consist of Amor Gray and Amor Brown, the regular price of those with prescription is 5480¥! So being able to get them so cheap was the best! But we bought two of each color so the price was around 5000¥ meaning we basically got three of them for free!
I really recommend if you have the chance to buy lenses from Japan to look out for their site as they have offers like these quite frequently I feel^^

The next one beneath those is Geolica Euro Celine Gray. The aligning row is two lenses from Dolly Eye Gothic 3 Tone series in Green and Violet and the last one is GEO CM902 Berry Cessy Brown.

These lenses are all on the 14.0mm-14.5mm scale. but recently we don't go much bigger than that, as we feel that size channels Onee Gyaru better (unless of course if you have huge ass eyes ;) ). Then they are all 3 tone and don't have to dark of edges, so they should look quite natural!

Teacon also has a facebook page and if you don't mind finding a shopping service for pretty contacts, then they often have really good deals if you follow them on there!
Use "emixlea22" for 10% off!


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