Lip Service Lucky Bag Past and Present

November 30, 2015

Hi gals!
Soon all the sales will start in Japan, and like you all know that means Lucky Bags, or Fukubukuro!
So we decided to check what various brands have to offer and what they have had in the past years, starting with Lip Service!

This is their upcoming Lucky Bag! Also the one we decided to buy after a bit of a 'research'!
What they are offering this year is that lovely PERFECT fur coat, so far this is the only preview of the lucky bag that they have offered.
However it will also include a top, setup (top+skirt), two small items, accessories and the bag everything comes in. So that makes eight items for 10800¥! Not too bad, especially as the coat itself is most likely worth about 12000¥ if it would be bough in-store!

The biggest reason we decided to go with Lip Service is that they seem to have had consistent quality and items! Instead of having a lot of items, they seem to have stuck to fewer, but better quality. This I can of course only judge by looking at the pictures!
But based on this I wouldn't be surprised to see a lot of black items in their new lucky bag! Not that I complain!^^


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