Back for good?!

Hey gals!!!!
We've done it again, that thing that we always do when there are some changes in our lifes... that is neglecting our blog... We really don't mean to do so, but when changes happen it also means changes in routines and we often lack the motivation to get back on track when our routine changes><

We came back to Iceland almost two months ago and even though we were lucky enough to get a job right away life here has been quite uneventful...-.- So not that much to blog about!
We also had some trouble with our blog as we tend to get bored easily so I wanted to change it up, which ended in Disqus disappearing and when I managed to install it again, all the comments didn't show up.... that frustrated me so much that I gave up on thinking about this for a while and just left it like that.

Let's hope for a new start now, and hope that we get some motivation to do something fun here once in a while at least!!!!

Will then be replying to long-overdue comments, and please also comment if there is anything you'd like to see on here or even our channel!


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Please take a note and make sure all your info is on your Disqus profile for everyone to see there.
With love♡

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