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Hi gals!!

We really haven't been the best bloggers recently, partly because of life and partly because our computer is slow as hell and editing pictures is a torture!!!

But! We have the Blogger app and we really need to try to use it more often! 
Usually I use picmonkey for headers on our posts, but since I am gonna use the app I am gonna try and use Ailis to make it a bit more 'simpler' and easier to do until we will FINALLY decide to get ourselves a new computer! ;)

However, today we want to talk about our recent buys from RESEXXY.

Around two weeks ago they had a sale where if you buy three+ items you get 30% off! And if you buy for 18k you get pajamas as a novelty gift.

Sorry to say, but we did not push one button and therefore failed to get the novelty... A mistake I intend to NEVER repeat... -.-'

Firstly what we just HAD to get was this outfit that Sayaka Araki modeled in!
They had actually started selling this while we were still in Japan, but we were to focused on saving up money and ended up not even trying it on:/

But then they had a sale and our friend in Japan had offered to 'lend' us her address, so we bought some stuff and shipped it to her ^^

We also really wanted a few dresses, but we decided one was enough for now! But that was mostly because we had already bought 10 tops from Rienda, but that is another story!! XP

Just look at that color combo! It just looks so good together! Can not wait to get it!

What have you gals been buying recently?


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