Lea's Everyday Makeup

November 09, 2015

Hey gals♡
A while back I did a makeup tutorial for our channel, so since we've fixed up our blog a bit I thought I might just as well put it up here for those of you that maybe don't know of our channel^^

This is pretty much how I've been doing my makeup for the last months, I fell in love with the palette I'm using and always when I think I might maybe try something different I still just end up with  the same one as alwaysXD haha, maybe it's just time for new makeup?

In other news, we ordered some clothes recently so we can't wait to get them and show them to you guys!!!! We've been obsessing over Rienda, Lip Service and Resexxy recently and constantly stalking their pages, and omg have you seen Rienda's new house line?! It is so pretty!!!

It really is difficult planning to save money when you are obsessed over clothes...-.-'

  Gonna continue on with my lazy day nowXD Hope you all lovelies are having a wonderful day!♡


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With love♡

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