Kobe Lettuce and Rienda Haul

Hi gals!

Yay another post! Haha
Even though it is just another shopping post, but we just got our first package of three in the mail and it has what we bought from Kobe Lettuce on Rakuten and Rienda.
But we bought 10 tops from Rienda when they had a 50% sale!

Our Kobe Lettuce gets!
We really needed some 'wintery' shoes as our mom and grandma didn't stop bugging us about itxD
Although this was DEFINITELY not what they have in mindxP the knee high boots can be worn in two ways and even have a strap inside of them that you can tighten to make them stay well up (although I think we won't need them that much as they fit perfectly on us and don't seem like they will slip downxD)
Then we really needed some bottoms and had been wanting pants and as they sell pants that have heat tech we decided to get them for our cold Icelandic winter xD They were pretty cheap and for now the quality seems quite good!
I like the colors, but Lea is picky and doesn't like the colors that much...xD

Overall I love what we got from them!

Rienda gets!
Got a few black tops as the white ones were sold out^^
The second one is, like you can see, short and see-through. So with our chubby stomachs we can only wear it with high-waist pants or skirts, but we knew that when we ordered it and it looks great with the high-waisted pants that we got from Kobe Lettuce!^^

The other five that we got from Rienda. 
Had been wanting that offshoulder top for AGES, 'only'had like 30% off but I just had to get it. Although it was pinker than I remembered it to be, thought it was pure white, but still cute non the less!
The red flower top is also one that I had been wanting since it came into stores! 
The pink one is also really noce with a 'drape' in the back^^

So yeah! Super happy with all these tops!
Don't think I have ever had so many tops that I am happy with as we have been changing our style quite a lot over the years. Not to mention that during our Liz Lisa phase we mostly just had dresses!
Or so it felt likexD

But we love the direction that our style is going to now!^^


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