Best Friend Tag///Weirdoes and Fatties

November 25, 2015

Hey gals!
Our last weekend that we had off our bestie, Marty, came over to visit us and do some videos together^^

Always when we meet something weird is bound to happen, and while we've only uploaded one video so far, you can expect another one from use hopefully soon!

We did a "Get Ready With Us" and a "Best Friend Tag" together and since we're complete fools we had a lot of fun!!! haha~

(Adding a video on here has been mean to me, so if it doesn't appear try this link)

Marty also has a channel so be sure to check her out~♡

In other news, things seem to finally be going our way, so we might hopefully have some more interesting and fun updates soonish!XD Work is making us really tired lately and sucking all of our energy, but with these news we've been so happy, and also got some motivation to actually do some studying which we're also so happy about! Hopefully we'll just keep up with it!XD

Also, we recently opened up our clothes sales again so if any of you sweeties are interested let us know and we can link you to them^^

Well, that's it for now!
See you next time^^


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With love♡

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