DIY Diary

Ever since High School we've loved having a school diary to get organized, even though that was not the only thing we used it for xD Well, we actually require something like this to keep us to our studies as we are pretty lazy and it is very hard for us to sit down to study without knowing what exactly it is that we are gonna study.
In High School we used to have diaries from the school that we used.. hahahah... you could say it was kinda weeaboo-ie, or something like that since we wrote a lot of stuff in katakana only and some random kanji and a LOT of drawings, mostly of the same patterns. But we really love them and still keep them:)

But, yeah so we got this idea... why not make it ourselves? well, not completely by ourselves, we got the book itself from an insurance company, but made the cover, and found pictures to use on the back cover and inside the diary.
Emi did most of the work in decorating, but we already had the lace that we "stole" from our grandmotherx3 but then we bought the pearls that are on the edge and the stickers that we used to decorate the side of the pages in Accessorize.

I, Lea, made the chain that we put on it, but I don't remember where we bought those beads as it's been some while since we got them, but that slower thingy we got at Accessorize.

Weeeeee>.< we are so proud of ourselves for this creation of ours!
Now we just can't wait for it to be filled with all kinds of weird-ness and good memories.

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