New look and name!

February 15, 2012

We've been on our way to make a new blog layout for the longest time, so yesterday we finally decided to get to it!
It's nothing much, pretty plain really... but we like itx3

We where gonna make a banner, but then we did not like what we where coming up with, and the banner picture look good so we decided to just go with it:)

You might have noticed that our blog has now a new name! yay! It is something that has kinda been bugging me, Lea, since the beginning. I've wanted our blog to have a name, but I didn't want to name it just anything, but about 2-3 weeks ago we where learning 界 in kanji class, and how it could be used like 人間界 (read ningenkai) that means the world of humans.
Then one evening it just suddenly popped! And I asked Emi if it wouldn't be cool to name our blog 双子のギャル界!It is read as Futago no Gyarukai, and means something like The World of Gyaru Twins. 

So, what do you think?

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