Life update<3

Look at that monster in the background!xD

As some of you might know we are learning Japanese in the University of Iceland and currently we are on our 2nd year :3

But, first thing first! We started school with COMPLETELY new teachers, since our professor decided to take a year off... but there have always been two Teacher assistants, usually girls, that are learning to become teachers and there are always new each year:) but our new professor is so different from our other one... she is upbeat, and laughs a lot, and is NOT always stressed out like our other professor was... Although she is stricter, and expects more of us, but I feel that is better, because it kind of makes everyone want to work harder!

She also started changing the course a lot, giving us more assignments, and in the beginning of this semester we started with a new book, Genki II ... yay!
She is also less uptight than our other professor, she came partying with us after Japan Festival with the Teaching Assistants and she was so DRUNK x3 haha, everybody loves her so muchx3

Well, in the beginning of our 2nd year it was time to start thinking about which schools we wanted to enter in Japan. which was not a hard choices for usxD At least not WHERE! Tokyo was the most obvious answer for us~<3

We first decided to apply for Waseda, Gakushuin and Oberlin... but finding what classes where taught in Gakushuin turned out to be a pain in the ass, but we found a few... to few... so it turned out that it was just not worth it for us...-.-' and we decided to choose ICU instead, even though as we thought more of it, we did not want to go back to their book....

 The process is that you choose three schools that you like and choose classes you would like to attend for those schools, and get the coordinator and some other office person (that is in charge of these things) to sign it, and then you hand it in with your grades from Uni and TOEFL test results, since most schools require you to have taken TOEFL.
Then it is handed in to the International Office, but our deadline was the 16th of January. We specifically asked them to rather put us in our 2nd or 3rd choices, than being separated... we don't want that! T^T
 Now about two weeks ago we received the news that we can start applying to Oberlin, which pretty much says that we'll be going to Oberlin, TOGETHER!!!! haha, yatta!

Sadly, Oberlin is about 1 and a half hour away from Shibuya with  a train, and the rent in the dormitories is pretty expensive, but we are looking into if Sakura House would be cheaper for us!
Those two things are two of the main reasons we put Oberlin as our 3rd choice, but we really wanted to go there, and are really psyched that we are!xD

Nothing much interesting has been happening .... hehe~
theeeen, until next time--- bai bai^^

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