Schoolwork or Once upon a time...

Hi gals!
I should actually be studying and Lea both have a presentation due for next Friday on Japanese history, but it is "surprisingly" mostly related to politics...which I am not too interested in...D:
So now as you can see(and read) I decided to blog insteadxD

Mine and Lea's newest obsession most definitely is Once upon a time and Merlin.
Although OUT is the one that we favor more than the other(How can one not with all those Princesses!?).
And the newest episode actually featured Belle! Beauty and the Beast has by far always been our favorite Disney movie!
It was also quite funny because at one time in the episode Belle says "Gaston" and while watching the episode neither of us said anything, but some hours later I just had to say "you know what sis? When Belle said 'Gaston' in this episode I felt that it was just like in the movie!", and she could not agree more, that one word, name, was somehow just said so perfectly!
And how the hopes where raised on getting to see Ariel soon!>< Hope it happens sooner than later!

I hope you all that have not watched this show start doing so, you will not regret it!><

Until later, do not forget the give away that will pop up this week! ^^

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