We ordered some dyes in the beginning of January in hope of them arriving before Japan Fest, which was last week... thankfully they did arrive a day before! so close :O
But, we also took the chance and ordered some eyebrow pencil and eyebrow mascara from Dolly Wink, eyeliners from Shiseido (they are great! we've been using them for some months now and they last a long time and are really good and easy to apply!) and a clip to make the bangs wavier... which I unfortunately have not found the right way to use so far...-.-' only had total failure...

Here is the content (except for the cup that it is put in)
A fastener(ehe..hehe...he, no clue whatsoever what it is calledxP) the color itself, some thingie to stir it together, gloves and an oil that you are supposed to use after towel drying your hair. The oil is supposed to help repair your hair from the coloring:)

Shake ten times! (such cute packaingx3)

The colors! Lemon tea Blond and Raspberry jam:)
:O can you believe it?!?! I, Lea, decided to go hanbun, (half raspberry and half lemon tea) but Emi only RaspberryxD

Ingredients put in the cup.

and stirred together... mmmm... starting to smell so good... wait, there isn't any cooking going on..o.O
hahax3 but, it smelled too good >.<

Before coloring.... we haven't dyed our hair since August...

 Emi almost finished with dyeing my hair... 
she put my hair up like the mayor from Grinch, I was not liking it....

We really liked the outcome, even though the red color was a tad bit light, but oh well... can't be helped:)

No pictures of how it came out for now... we're gonna blog about Japan Festival and post soon, and there will be many pics there to look at x3

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