Japan Festival

Credits go to Kristinn Ingvarsson for the picture of us together.
January the 28th was the annual Japan Festival held by us, the students in the University of Iceland in the Japanese course. Like always it was a huge success, and we had a great time!
We where actually kinda lazy about taking pictures, so we stole a few from our classmates, hope that okey! :)

hahaxD I love that top picture of me with our friend, so funnyxD

There was a lot to bee seen and tried. We had a showing of dramas and trailers, calligraphy where you could get your name written in Japanese, origami, karaoke (oh the horror...), ikebana, tea ceremony... and SUSHI! ... well, and other things, my memory is just not too goodx3 OH! almost forgot there was also a dance, we had been practicing Hare Hare Yukai with a few other girls, but we did not want to dance on the stage:)

Credits go to Kristinn Ingvarsson for the picture of our friend in a pickachu Kigurumi.
Everyone was very happy there, and so many people came!


There you can see the calligraphy booth, the origami corner, shiatsu and Ikebana.
Also, ther is always the tradition in the anime and manga room that everyone can draw on the White board, sadly we didn't take any pictures of it...:'(

Just the usual camwhoringxD Here you can see how the dyeing turned out, at least on me, Emi is wearing wig parts:3

Group shots! before- in between and after the festival.

Omnomnom, the delicous sushi!

The after party!!!

Then came the after party!!! It was a lot of fun, we had leftovers sushi from the festival, and some delicious candy that was also at the festival!

oh! maybe we should tell you... most of the Japanese students are pervs, as can be seen on the top picture x3 haha, and that guy came in through the fire escape, hilarious, he just suddenly popped up and we where so surprised! x3

And just some pics of everyone having fun!

So much gossiping was done :O wahahahax3 and a lot of drinking, well for most people, we have enough fun as is, without drinking:)
awww... and our teachers also came and one of the got so drunk, and she was so funny, then she hugged me, Lea, TWICE!!! she wss so nice, and I was so happy! what a teachers pet I amXDXDXD

At last years festival we sang "The fisherman's song" on the stage, but not this year since we have a new teacher, but we wanted to share with you another song that we sang after a speech contest that we had:)

We really love this song, it is very beautiful, and it was a fun process learning it and then singing it!<3

...and another one, just of the warm up, everyone getting piped up... can you spot us? ;P

and one from the festival itself from last year:)

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