Shopping in Shibuya

September 01, 2015

Hey gals~
So lately we've been complete lazy bums (blame the strong sun, and now rainy weatherXD) and staying at home for the most part, but we decided to head on over to Shibuya for some fun, and ended up being bad girls in Lip Service -3- (Our favorite brands always manage to make us spend more than we plan.. not just us right?!?)

Before going to 109 we decided to take some purikura together for actually what seems like the first time in a reeeeeaaaalllyyyy long while. But I guess that's what you think when you are addicted!

On our way there this guy with a youtube channel stopped us and asked if he could ask us some questions, and maaayybeee if we aren't too embarrassed about it we'll post it on here later :p

There were also so many girls around in yukatas so we were really curious if there was a festival going on in Shibuya that day, but I didn't think of just googling it to see if there really were! haha but there were so many pretty yukatas to be seen and seeing as we were kind of bitten by a matsuri bug, we kind of really want to go to as many matsuri as we can... and wear all the yukatas!!!! hahaha

buuuut, we just headed over to 109 to do some, what was supposed to be, window shopping.

Two of our favorite stores, Rienda and Lip Service, are both on B2 in 109 so we just headed straight there, and while we saw some stuff we liked in Rienda we weren't 100% about it so we headed to Lip Service and of course we found some stuff there we just HAD to buy.

We've both been wanting some jeans lately, but we (maybe especially me, Lea) are kind of picky about them, so it's taken some time to find the "right" ones, but in Lip we did find them and a really pretty long cardigan that we ended up buying! They also had a really good sale (all sale items 50% off, buy two and get extra 20% off) so we didn't feel too bad about our spending! hehe


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