Sponsored Review by MapleLens: EOS in Briller Green

Hi Gals!

This week, instead of making a tutorial, I decided to post a review! I really like these lenses, so I hope you guys will enjoy this review!♡

SO! Two weeks or so ago, or was it three? We got some lenses sponsored by MapleLens!
The lenses that I choose were the EOS in Briller Green!

Basic Info :
♥Duration: Yearly
♥B.C.: 8.8mm
♥D.I.A: 14.5mm
♥Water Content: 38%
♥Package: A box of 2
♥Price: 18.90$

One contact in. Ring Light <----> Indoor

Both contacts in. Ring Light<----> Indoor

Colour : 
Really like it! Haven't had this kind of vibrant green lenses for the longest! In the indoor pictures the color doesn't shine through that well, however the color is really great in RL!

Design : 
Love this design, recently you could say I have been obsessing over contacts that also have some yellow in them, so that is a big reason for why I choose these ones! Then they are also a bit simple with the rim not to noticeable, nor too black!

Enlargement : 
Not much enlargement, but that is what I have been going after recently, so I am perfectly satisfied by them!^^
Comfort :   
Been using dailies a lot recently, so I had completely forgotten how "stiff" yearly ones are, but I got used to it really quickly, and even though my eyes get tired after some time, they are still quite comfortable!

Overall Rating :
Overall I am really satisfied with these contacts and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for new contacts! Like you can see above, they even are natural enough to wear with no lashes, which I am really happy about^^
Hope you liked this review, and please check out Maple Lens!♡


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