Makeup Tutorial: PinkxBrown

by - August 20, 2015

Hi gals!
Time for a new tutorial! This time I decided to use a pink eyeshadow! Feel like I haven't done that in forever...BUT! I also just got some lenses sponsored by Maple Lens, so I wanted to try something different from what I have been doing recently^^
Hope you like this tutorial!^^


A. Apply pink eyeshadow on your eyelid.
B. And under your eye.
C. Apply beige-ish brown over the pink.
D. Apply dark brown in the crease.
E. Apply eyeliner, but now wing.
F. Apply lashes. These are just ends off of other eyelashes.
G. Make the wing. I like doing the wing after the eyelashes. Makes it easy in my opinion!
H. Apply black eyeshadow under 1/2 your eye.
I. Apply kohl eyeliner on your upper waterline.
J. Apply mascara. Been using a brown one for a bit of a softer look.

The lenses are EOS in Briller Green sponsored by Maple Lens like mention in the beginning of the post, but I will be making a review of these soon, so I hope you will check that one out!^^


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