Meeting Eriko♡

Hi gals!
Awhile back we met with Eriko in Ikebukuro and had a great time in a cafe there for like 6 hoursXD haha I hope the staff weren't too tired of having us there for so long...-.-'

We had actually planned on meeting before that, but unfortunately Emi had that accident with her eye at that time, and we spent most of the day at the doctor and then just resting...><

Emi ---- Lea

Our look for the day, we've had that skirt and shoes for a while, but we wore them for the first time in a quite a while that day!

Outfit :
Jacket ♡ Lip Service
Top ♡ Rienda
Skirt ♡ Bye Bye
Bag ♡ Rienda
Shoes ♡ J-Flag

The cafe we went to was Milky Way and they have constellation themed drinks and stuff that is really good! We had a really good time together and it was so nice meeting up!!!

After Milky Way we of course went to purikura and headed on to get something else to eat, and found this hamburger place that had avocados and we all were really happy about that so we decided to eat there!

It was so yummyyyyyy, and it was pretty awesome to get some onion rings with the french fries as well!!!

We had a really fun day, thank you so much Eriko!!!!
Hope we meet again soon!


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With love♡

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