Lip Service Sales Gets... no more twins?

August 17, 2015

Hey gals~
Now that summer is almost "ending" shops have been going crazy with sales to prepare for autumn clothes, and while we have been trying our best to stay away from them and not look at any clothes, Lip Service did end up getting the best of us in the end!

Lip Service quickly became one of our favorite brands after coming back to Japan, and though we are doing our best to not do another "Liz Lisa" on it (if you don't know what we mean, then I am talking about going so crazy for just one brand that that is the only thing you can think about, like we did last time), their sales were simply the cheapest out of the brands we like! and, well, we really do love them XD

We actually made a "big" decision the other day... well, it's not that big really and it came quite naturally, but from now on you won't be seeing us dressing up in the same clothes as much as you are used to, as of right now we're not the richest people out there and buying just one of every piece seemed like a logical choice at this point. Maybe when we get more stability we might start buying two of some pieces (proooobably different colors though :p) that we really like and dress up the same, but for now like I said it just seems easier and more fun in some way!
But we will probably still continue looking as we are twinnig as we want to focus on buying white clothes! So I guess in a way we will still look "similar"!^^

But yeah, a lot of people might assume it to be a big decision for us, but in truth, it WASN'T, it came quite naturally to us. But that is how we wanted it to be, as we have always dressed the same and we did not want to make a "big deal" out of suddenly dressing differently!^^

Soooo... back to the stuff we got!
We don't want to splurge much on stuff currently so we only got a few pieces; two tops, a skirt, wallet and a phonecase.

I, Lea, was really looking forward to a new phonecase and while I do really like it and think it is very pretty, it is very difficult to open up the mirror part and putting my suica in there and going through the ticket gate like that doesn't really quite go as planned if you want to get through like that... so that was kind of a disappointment ><

Then, as you can see one of the tops is a bit, hmmmm, small I guess. Not really made for western sized boobs, but oh well, with the right bra and being careful of the top not slipping too much I managed to make it workXD
(Well I, Emi, wasn't at home when we got the clothes, but I immediately told Lea that it would definitely be different on mine! We have the same size, but still there is some difference. Then I came home, and just like I said, it worked fine for me! :P)

Did you pretty gals enjoy any sales this summer and buy all the pretty stuff you wanted super cheap?
If so please show us some of your favorite gets!!!


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With love♡

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