Hi gals!
Being in Japan it is not unlikely that you stumble upon a few bands while going places, and once in a while it might even be someone really good! We've been quite lucky and stumbled upon a few ones, even some that have become famous by now!

I think we've mentioned them before, but by chance we got to know of our favorite band like that!

Our favorite band, Sandclock, we happened upon by chance in Nikotama while doing some shopping there and we immediately fell for their music! (well, they themselves aren't so bad either :p)

Well, luckily for them and us they recently got their major debut and released a new CD thanks to that! It had some of their older songs as well, but of course some new ones also which we really love and listen to all the time! So much that our friends in the share house know them almost by heart by nowXD teehee 

We of course bought their new CD and with it came a ticket for a sign session with them after a mini live. Sadly Emi wasn't able to go, so I just went by myself and they were so awesome!

After the live there was the sign session and I was waaayyyy too nervous to really say anything, but I really like the guitarist and we have actually met him on the street by coincidence and after they play and stuff and he always remembers us and talks to us, so while signing the CD he was talking to me but I was just an awkward potato that could hardly reply to him and I was so embarrassed and frustrated at myself for that.....

Of course I had to go and take purikura to celebrate seeing them liveXD haha
I was so so happy and obviously had to take some with the CD jacket, and then I wrote the names of the songs on one of themXD

After that Daisuke invited me out for dinner and we had cows tongue at a restaurant I think is called Negishi if I remember correctly. It was soooo good! People in Iceland do eat cows tongue, but they cook and serve the whole tongue so it doesn't really look so appetizing and I never wanted to try it, but this one was really soft and good-tasting! Then we had some tororo rice which is my favorite!!!!

When with Daisuke you can't escape eating a dessert... not that I've really ever complained, but when you kind of want to go on a diet (even just for the sake of eating healthy), it's kind of almost impossible with him aroundXD

Have any of you ever stumbled upon a band in Japan, or somewhere else, that you came to really like afterwards?


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