Bday fun with Yuuka, Ami&Runa

by - August 03, 2015

Hi gals!
On the 30th of May we met up with our friends in Ikebukuro to have lunch together!

Me and Lea were both a bit late (arrived separately). When I arrived I saw no one there, and seeing as I had no internet it was even more confusing, but after a few minutes I decided to enter a cafe to get something to drink, as it was scorching outside, and as I was entering Yuuka, Ami and Runa came out of the same cafe! It was a quite funny coincidencexD 

Then we went to this small restaurant that only has one item on their menu, and it changes everyday!
It tasted great and then there was a roll cake as a desert and, ours even had a candle (before that I hadn't even realized that they were intending on celebrating our birthdayxP).

Then we also received a present from them, makeup pouches! Really cute ones, and we are already using them a lot!♡ The roll cake was also super delicious!

The entrance to the restaurant is really pretty, filled with plants!
Runa as always was just the cutest! Especially walking around with Ami's parasol!

Then it was purikura time!!!
Runa was not feeling like taking any purikura, but we did manage quite well to either way include her in them! One time she just sat on the floor so I just scooped her up and held her in front of the cameraxP

After that we decided to go for some karaoke and had a lot of fun there until we all headed back^^

On our station however we happened to meet Natalia as she was on her way to Shinjuku to meet an acquaintance, and decided to join her! Then in Shinjuku we saw a pet store, and like always when we see one we entered it. But this one I definitely did not like, the cages were not kept clean enough and many of the pets were obviously not in perfect health! Felt so bad for them!
So want to adopt a kitten soon though!!!!>< ALL THE KITTENS (Crazy cat lady xP)

Like always it was a really good day!!!


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With love♡

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