Takadanobaba with Marty

Hi gals!
When Marty came to Japan we decided to go to Takadanobaba and eat Okonomiyaki there as our friend, Natalia, knew about a place there that was supposed to be good!

We first met up in Harajuku and walked around there for a bit until Natalia finished all her classes, then we met her in Takadanobaba!

On the way there in the train we saw the funniest thing ever though! We were few stops away from Takadanobaba, and right before the train stopped this businessman just suddenly, out of the blue, ripped down an advertisement hurried to the door, waited for it to open and went out! Seriously!? It was so funny and everyone looked so lost at what had just happened!

Then we went to eat the Okonomiyaki, but to our disappointment we got it already cooked, instead of getting to do it ourselves, and it wasn't all that great either...
After eating we walked a bit around Takadanobaba and snapped pictures of cute cat things^^

Also went to the arcade and Marty had me, Emi, try some UFO catcher with tiny little birds, and after getting one in first try she continued inserting coins into it, until we had spent about 2500¥ and cached about 16 of those little birdies! Not bad I must say! But that one was also quite easy!

Then after that Daisuke invited us "out to eat", but as we had already eaten we decided to go to Pasela Resort, where we ate Honey Toast and sang a lot!^^

Karaoke Ranking:
1. Daisuke
2. Me and Lea
3. Marty
4. Marty's boyfriend

Sorry Marty, but thankfully you have enough time to hone your Karaoke skills! ;) 
Daisuke didn't sing a lot this time, but he definitely is the best out of us!


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