Fun Weekend

Hello gals~
How are you guys doing?
Sorry we haven't been updating in a while now... don't really know what happened to us, but we just became so lazy in all aspectsXD haha, hope you guys will forgive us though! But we'll try and get back on track soon!!!

Sooo, a few weeks back Emi decided to abandon me (:p) so I decided to try and do something fun*^^* On Saturday I decided to head on over to Akiba as I hadn't been there for a long time, and even though I'm not that much into anime nowadays I really do enjoy looking at figurines and stuff.

Also, I love Final Fantasy so seeing FF figures and other goods always makes me happy! *^^*

Here are my outfits for the two days, sadly the heels on the shoes are already gone so Iwe need to get them fixed.... but it's a lazy liiiifeeee....
aaaand the pants zipper got ruined after one use... like so much disappoint!!!!

Emi really likes Macross and Natsume so when I saw them I of course snapped some pics to show her^^ and for me it was of course Final Fantasy :D

It was kind of funny/weird but almost as soon as I came out of the station some guy came and talked to me, but I kind of just ignored him as I was listening to music and wasn't really interested so he just apologized and went away... only to come back and try again.... like wtf?!? where's the logic in that?

On Sunday I was wondering what I should do, and when one of my friend suggested going to Shinjuku Gyoen I decided to go there as I had been wanting to go for a while, and he decided to go with me^^

We saw some pretty flowers and scenery and there was also some kind of a festival going on that we took a brief look at.

It was so pretty and we were in luck with the french garden as the flowers were all blooming, while they had not started the last time he went, so yay!

We then grabbed some waffles at Shinjuku station which were sooooo gooood! and also really cheap!

I didn't really do that much really, but it was a pretty fun weekend though:D
Hope you gorgeous gals have been having good times as well!!
Like I said in the beginning of the post; we really need to step up our game and blog more!

See you~

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With love♡

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