Harajuku + Izakaya

Hi Gals!
The other day we were planning on meeting a "friend" in Harajuku and got all dolled up just to be stood up! I have mentioned this before, but we met her through twitter (Japanese girl), as we were all interested in Delyle Noir and we started chatting and she asked for our line, which was all good and we gave her our line. Then we decided to meet up, the first time she fell down and couldn't meet, and the second time, without warning she just blocked us on line and twitter and didn't show up! 
So weird! But we didn't take it to heart and just continued on to enjoy our day and ate some crepes~


Our look for the day~^^

We wore all Delyle Noir (except for the shoes, as they were Gal Star), as we were going to meet up with her and had decided before-hand to do it like that^^

Well, since she was a no-show we messaged our friends to complain and they were going to an izakaya with their classmates so they invited us to tag along!:) yay!

We ate lots of good food and had a lot of fun with them! Their classmates are all really nice and fun people so it was definitely a good end to a weird day!XD hahaha

At some point everyone was preeeeeeetty drunk, but all was good and everyone was having lots of fun! (can't say we didn't enjoy everyone's drunkennessXD haha)

Trying on the guys glasses and hats become a thing... it was so funny, especially as one of them really didn't want to hand off his glasses, but Lea managed to beg them out of himXD

When we were finished paying and on our way out some guys from a football club came over to hit on us, and Natalia reeeeeeaaaaalllyyy wanted to stay and drink with them ('cause they'd probably payXD) but we dragged her away as she had school the next dayXD haha

On our way home we stopped by the supermarket to get icecream, but we eat tons of it at home and the freezer is always full of iceXD

We had also received our yukatas that day so Emi tried hers on and we practiced some different ways of tying the obi so that we could help our friends dress up in theirs without everyone having the same kind of obi when we go to a matsuri together^^

Thankfully our day didn't go to waste, but we've learned that we have pretty damn good friends, so these kinds of things don't bother us at allXD

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With love♡

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