First Day of Summer

Hi gals!
Sorry for not posting for a while! 
In Iceland we always celebrate the first day of summer on 23rd of April! Even though usually it often might still be snowing in Iceland at that time...xD
Fortunately the weather in Japan was getting quite good, and this day was especially good! Which was quite nice seeing as there was some work to be done in our share house, meaning no water for a few hours!
So we decided to go to a cafe for a few hours, to which Natalia accompanied us^^


Our look for the day^^

Also tried out MyIdol that day! It really does a good job! Really like this app^^

After hanging out in a cafe for a while Natalia had to head off for school and we decided to do some grocery shopping and then head over to Harajuku to enjoy the nice weather! But while shopping we happened upon these guys! So cute!

 Outfit Rundown : 
Cardigan♡Luxe Rose
Lea's Watch♡DaTuRa

We had a really nice time in Harajuku walking around and eating crepes!
Also decided to walk Cat Street over to Shibuya! Really love walking that street!^^

Lea was wearing her Venus Eye in purple sponsored by Pinkicon, while I was wearing my Kinrou sponsored by Geenie, but unfortunately I had to throw them away after we accidentally bought a 6hr protein cleaner, thinking it was a normal solution we used it like a normal one and then when I used my lenses my eyes got hurt and I ended up needing to go to an ophthalmologist and use medicine in my eye five times a day D: 
But thankfully my eye healed fully, but I had to throw my lenses away :'(

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With love♡

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