Birthday Shopping in Shibuya 109

Hi gals!
On last Tuesday, the 19th of May, we suddenly REALLY wanted some new dresses for our birthday! So even though it was already getting quite late, we decided to put on more makeup and go to Shibuya 109!

Our look for the day~ 
I (Emi) was using my Venus Eyes in Hazel sponsored by Pinkicon, and Lea was using her ----- sponsored by Geeenie!^^

We decided to go to Luxe Rose as they have REALLY pretty clothes, but cheaper than many other brands in 109. I tried on four dresses, and we liked these two the best, were originally only going to buy one, but we had such a hard time deciding between them, that we ended up just buying both of them!

Then we OF COURSE took some purikura (I mean what else do you expect of us!?xD)
Still so happy that we can get all the purikura from How to+ !!!

Outfit Rundown :
Jacket (Emi) Lip Service
Top (Emi) Delyle Noir
Setup (Lea) DaTuRa
Shoes Yumetenbou

I think we love How To+ just way too much!!!! I hope it will never discontinue!
We actually didn't stay out for too long, but it was nice walking a bit around Shibuya^^

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With love♡

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