Cup Ramen Museum+Ramen Museum+Sleepover

Hi gals!
A little while back we had an early start to our day with our friends. They came and picked us up a little after 8 o'clock and we headed to Yokohama to check out the Cup Ramen Museum!

They actually visited us in Iceland last year, and we had so much fun being tourists together in IcelandXD We blogged about them a few weeks back, so they are maybe familiar faces to you now^^

Some fun was had n the car until we arrived to the museum, but just having Runa around is a lot of funXD She's so funny and adorable!

At the Cup Noodle Museum we could make our own cup ramen, so we decorated our cups and then headed over to get all the ingredients put in! Don't remember what we got thoughxD But then you had to put the cups in some kind of a bag, and inflate it, me (Emi) somehow managed to do it weirdly, so shortly after I did it my cup popped out! But I was way to lazy to fix itxD

We also went to see a documentary about the guy that invented the cup noodles.
Runa teased her mom, and told her to sit alone, so that very sad looking photo was taken of her~ haha

This was so awesome! I love optical illusions like this!

Many more awesome things!
And Runa, always full of energy!

Then we got some noodles to eat, and we decided on some Korean noodle soup!
It was so good!!!

Picture time!

Then we decided to head over to the share House one of our friends used to live in, and it was so nice there!!! They have a big, really nice shared kitchen, a gym, and a TV room with a really big screen and a pool table!

We watched the new Doraemon movie, but Ami and Yuuka both fell asleepXD
When they woke up we went to the kitchen and met some of Ami's former housemates, and even participated in a farewell video they were making for one of the guys leaving! haha~ it was so funny!
Everyone there was super nice!

We then went to The Ramen Museum in Shin Yokohama for dinner, got some yummy ramen and then we helped Runa with some game that was going on... which was really difficult for us!!! One of the question was, "Looks like squid, but is not", so we were basically just looking for something with many tentacles, then we gave up and talked to one of the "police men" there and he told us "Tako" and this was something difficult for foreigners, to which Runa was just "OHHH", so we continued searching with no luck...then as it turned out it was tako as in drums:s So we definitely did not find itxD 
But we managed to finish it in the end, and Runa got her lollipop!^^

Saw this guy performing while doing the game, but Runa was so preoccupied with the game, and getting her lollipop, that she had no time to stop and watch it!

The setting of the museum was really like old time! And they also had this store with lots of old Japanese candy, one of it was Mizuame (Water candy) and Ami found it so good and nostalgic that she bought a few of it to eatxD

Then we went to Yuuka's place, watched a movie, helped her with her computer (She's such a noob!xD) and ate a lot of jelly!!! Then in the morning Yuuka and Runa walked with us to the train station~^^

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With love♡

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