Outdoor Shooting with Sweets Selection

May 07, 2015

Hi Gals! 
On Thursday the 16th of April, we went on a small outdoor photo shoot with Sweets Selection~
It was a lot of fun, so we want to show you our look from that day♡

 Our makeup, I (Emi) was using my Candy Magic Allure Muse from Online Contact, and Lea was using her Venus Eye Purple sponsored by Pinkicon.

The photo shoot went really well, was quite short though! It was also a lot of fun, but I still feel like we need to practice posing>< After going to the shoot we went to the nearest arcade, they had these really cute plushies in their UFO catcher, but seeing as they did not have the PuriKura that we wanted, we decided to go to Club Sega instead.

 We went to the How To +!!!
Love that machine so much, and recently they have been having this thing going on where you get all of the pictures for free! Which is super convenient for us!

They're also perfect if you are really tired of all those alien eye-purikura machines, but they have the most natural eye setting so far!

Our outfit :
Jacket : Lip Service
Top : Rienda
Skirt : Delyle Noir
Belt : Delyle Noir
Shoes : Lip Service


Then on our way home we saw this dog in a nearby house and said hi to him (although you can only see his tailxD), but he was so cute and happy to get some attention!♡
We also stopped by at the supermarket and bought some minced meat to make meatballs to freeze and have for dinner later on~ They turned out really well! But we have been cooking a lot here in Japan, and we find it a lot of fun to cook and freeze for later, makes us happy to know that we have food ready to eat!

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With love♡

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