Girls Day Out

Hi gals!
A few weeks ago, on the 5th of May, we were supposed to meet a "friend", this girl we got to know through twitter, however she sent us a message telling us she fell down and hurt herself, therefor was not able to meet that day. Honestly I think she was playing around with us, as some days later we decided a new day to meet, and upon arriving to meet her we tried to message her line, no answer, checked her twitter...she had blocked us... Us in our innocence and disbelief still waited for a while, we found it hard to believe that she had just blocked us for no apparent reason... But so far no contact from her:s
BUT! Well! That day happened during golden week, and since one of our housemates was still at home with nothing to do we asked her if she wanted to come with us instead~

Were taking a selfie, when one of our housemates came out and offered to take a picture for us~ So nice of him♡

Then we arrived to Harajuku, and on our way to take some purikura we tried on some hats. Everyone looking fancy~^^

Actually when we were standing by the machine to change our money into coins some guys came to us, asking to take purikura (NANPAAA!!). But we were all just like "Sorry, we have boyfriends~" xD
Natalia, our friend, was afterwards "I KNEW if I went out with you something like this would happen!!" xD But honestly this kind of thing doesn't happen that often.

Usually I go for strawberry cheese cake, but now I saw that they had a oreo cookie cheesecake, and HAD to try it! We all actually ended up getting that one, although me and Lea added ice cream and strawberries to ours^^

Also went to look at some shoes, but did not buy any^^

My look for the day~

Setup Yumetenbou
Belt Delyle Noir
Shoes Yumetenbou
Bag Rienda (came with a magazine)

Fooling around in TuTuAnna♡

Then we met up with one other of our housemates, Michela, and her friend~

Then decided to head over to Shibuya, and walked Cat Street to get there. Which is quite fitting seeing as at least the three of us are crazy cat ladies, even bought a cat "banner" to hang in our common areaxD 
Oh! Also decided to buy bikinis for the summer. We were talking with Natalia about wanting to buy a swimming suit for the beach, and she was just like "Hell no, I am bigger than you guys and *I* will be wearing a bikini, so so can you as well!" hahaxD I guess we as so many girls have the mentality of NEEDING to have a bikini body to actually wear one. But due to Natalia's words we decided to throw those views out of the window and actually just get a bikini for once! And we bough some really cute ones in Aimer Feel!^^

Trying on hats. Can't see it that well, but these were REALLY cute, but also so expensive! The bows on the hats where super cute and delicate looking♡

 Taking more purikura~ SO happy with all of the purikura we got that day~
Just like always it was such a good day, and we are so happy to have these two girls as friends and housemates!

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With love♡

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