Father-Daughters Day Out!

Hi Gals!
We have a lot of things to post about that we have yet to edit pictures for, however today was a really fun day so we decided to make an up-to-date post!
So the day started quite normally; us being the super lazy fatty chans that we are, just watching shows and laying in the couch. (Some studying was done as well though!)

Then Daisuke, the nice Japanese guy that lives in our share house came home, shortly after that he was going to Donki and invited us with him~ So since we had NOTHING to do we decided to go with him! And he has such a nice car! A Mercedes Benz! Then on the way there two of the girls that we live with started talking about going to eat together so we decided to all meet up in Nakano and go to Donki together~ And after that for dinner!^^

  Picture time~ Hid our non-makeupy facesxD (Natalia found us quite weird for doing thatxD)

So after going to Donki and shopping a bit, we decided to grab something to eat and went to an Izakaya~ And we ordered so muchXD

Ordered some more, but didn't take pictures of it! Then Daisuke was so nice and payed for everything>< Felt so bad, but he was just like "I think of you all as daughters", and we were all just "awwww, so cute", but coincidentally we have all been calling him our お父さん(Otousan; father) behind his backXD

After we finished eating he took us too an ice cream shop in Nakano Broadway that has apparently been there since he was a teeny tiny kid! Lea got vanilla and mango while I got vanilla, chocolate and mango. Really wanted strawberry and ramune, but it was sold out><

In Donki we also bought these masks to try out, so funny!!
Daisuke wouldn't stop laughing at it, and that in itself was just really funnyXD

Now there is a typhoon so we're just relaxing at home, enjoying (not really though) the sound of the rain and wind^^

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With love♡

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