Sleepover + New Nails

May 02, 2015

Hi gals~
The other day, 9th of March, we had made plans to meet our friend for a takoyaki party at her place, but we decided to meet up in Shibuya first to hang out*^^*

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Also! Got 姉Ageha in the mail in the morning! Had been looking around for it but it was no where to be found so we just bought it on Amazon!^^ Love it a lot! Last time we were in Japan we loved looking at magazines, but during that time we wore almost ONLY Liz Lisa. So it was a whole different experience flipping through 姉Ageha and actually see stuff you were interested in or had seen before in your favorite stores! Makes you enjoy the magazine a lot more!

Emi           Lea

Our look for the day~~

Then we met our friend, Haru, in Shibuya and checked out some stores^^ Then we decided to grab something small to eat and went to Doutor^^ We got cakes...and judging by the amount of calories I don't really know if I can honestly call it "small"...xD
Lea got the crepe with whipped cream, while I got the chocolate sponge cake and it tasted exactly like I expected it to! Then we got some pineapple mango yogurt drink which was so delicious^^

Selfie time! Lea stole Haru's hat and was so pleased with itXD haha

Aaaaaaand, then purikura time!
It was her first time in a long while, which is so funny as we would always go a lot together when in University xD

After that we headed to Haru's place and started cooking some delicious takoyaki!
We started around 7 and we continually made them and ate until 10... talk about being fatty chans!!!
Haru's dad also came home at one point and ate with us, and he's such a funny and nice guy!XD
Can't help but love him :p I especially ate a lot...(Emi)>< xD

Since she lives kind of far away from us, we decided to just stay over-night, which meant a delicious breakfast!!! We made rice, with that purple stuff I don't know the name of, miso soup and some cabbage and some kind of "leaf vegetable" (for a loss of better word...) put it on a pan, until it got hot, added some water and kimchi sauce and meat! And voila! It was really good! Then she gave us some Takoyaki Jagariko^^

Our alien look!!
We then had to hurry back home to take a shower, do our hair and makeup and go to our nail appointment! Thankfully I probably set a record for myself by finishing my makeup in half an hour!!! Also changed the way I did my eyebrows, now a bit softer not as arched, trying to stick with this, although sometimes I fail (Drawing is just NOT my forté!)

The lenses are Venus Eye sponsored by Pinkicon^^
Review Here

 Emi           Lea

Finished makeup!

Finished nails!
We went in Koenji, to a nail salon called La Prinsessa, which is in a walking distance from us^^
Lea had an appointment at 5 and I at 7, but THANKFULLY we arrived at the same time, as we had hard gel on and you have to file it off, and it took them one and a half an hour to get them off! They started mine like 17:40, instead of 19:00, as they realized mine would be as troublesome as Lea's:s
Mine were also especially difficult as we had had them on for 6 weeks (I know stupid, but we just didn't have time to go and take them off><), and they were severely damaged and broken. So it hurt a bit>< But they were careful and managed to make it OK for me, and they were SO afraid of hurting me>< I felt kind of worse for them than my nails xD
But all went well and they got it off and made them pretty for us♡ The worst part was the price, WAY to expensive to get hard gel off D:

 Then we OF COURSE had to take purikura!! xD

Outfit :
Top: Lip Service
Skirt: Off Brand
Belt: Delyle Noir
Shoes: Lip Service
Lea's watch: DaTuRa

We were so happy with the result though, and luckily the colors all go very well with our clothes, so that is just perfect!

Thanks for reading!
See you next time~

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With love♡

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