Meeting Georgie&Innu

Hi gals!
On the 15th of April we went to meet up with Georgie and Innu in Harajuku, but they where here in Japan for 3 and a half a week and we really wanted to meet up~
We decided to meet up by Takeshita Dori's entrance and head over to Eggs'n Things~

Our look for the day, wearing our violet off shoulder tops, belt and skirt from Delyle Noir, and jackets from Lip Service^^

Eggs'n Things~ Georgie told us she had been wanting to go there as she had known about it, but didn't know where it was, so I was really happy that I suggested we go there!^^
Luckily even though it is quite popular we didn't have to wait to long in line~^^

HOWEVER! Before we went in we OF COURSE had to take a few selfies!xD

 Me and Lea decided to share one plate of pancakes, so we got it with bananas, strawberries, ice cream and caramel sauce!
We also got some mango, pineapple yogurt drink (Well that is what my memory is telling me we got...might have been something a bit differentxD).
It was really good, but why, just WHY?! do they have canned strawberries!?!?!?! One plate like this is a bit over 950¥ if I remember correctly, and pancakes are CHEAP! Like really cheap! Not to mention that crepe's are half the price of these pancakes with the same ingredients, except REAL strawberries! Just can't understand this... (Not to mention the strawberries cost us extra 250¥, while extra in crepe is only 100¥...o.0)

Right outside Eggs'n Things they have the Barbie shop so we decided to check it out~
They had a lot of nice things, and many that weren't too expensive!^^

We then decided to walk over to Shibuya, but me and Lea love walking Cat Street to Shibuya~ Also we had just eaten pancakes so we needed to loose those calories...xD
But it seems that we ran out of a time a bit, as when we arrived to Shibuya Innu had to go>< Really regretted not taking some purikura in Harajuku!!>< But we then went to take some purikura in Club Sega, and afterwards derped around in one of the machines taking selfies~^^

Then it was time to say goodbyes as Georgie had plans for the evening^^ It was a really good day, and we hope to meet the both of them when they return back to Japan!^^

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With love♡

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