Hi gals!
Last Friday, on May the 15th we didn't really have any specific plans, except Emi had a date with her boyfriend in the evening, but we decided to go to Shibuya to kill some time before that... and take purikuraXD

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Our look from that day~

Our look from the day~ 

Jacket Lip Service
Playsuit Julia Botique
Belt Delyle Noir
Shoes Lip Service

We just got our order from Julia's Botique that morning, and even though I like their stuff, they have a lot to improve! Just take for example the playsuit, the straps were crossed at the back and WAY to short for us! And Lea is 157cm (I doubt it was due to chubbiness that they were too short!). 
So I had to fix those and make them into "normal" over-the-shoulder straps.

Then we got jeggings with zipper on the front in size L for our big butts, and to be clear on this matter I have tried on size L similar pants in Lip Service with no problem (even though those had been a tad more tighter). However these immediately posed a problem as by the slightest pressure (worn or unworn) the zipper would slide down, which also hurt a bit when worn.
So I fixed one of them by sewing in some stuff to keep a pressure on the top, and a lining over the zipper in case it ran down. They worked fine to begin with! I tried bending down a lot and doing weird stuff, but the zipper held. Lea also wore them for a day without much trouble. Then some other day I decided to wear them and the zipper opened up when zipped...the same happened to the others as well...

I might want to buy some dresses from them, but if you are interested in their clothes, I would definitely warn you to choose carefully!:s

Purikura, of course!
And like you can see those jump suits look hella cute!

After taking purikura we went to Loft and though we did mostly just some window shopping we did buy some stickers to put in our book in which we put our purikura (we really need a new oneXD).

Then Emi headed off to her date, and I decided to walk around Shibuya a bit before returning home^^
I went to Maruichi and saw this accessory shop that had really cute and cheap stuff! Found those sunglasses there as well, and I really want to go back and get them!*^^*

Then I decided to head home, as I was getting REALLY hungry.... and I complained a bit about that on the Line group we have with our housemates.... which resulted in our "dad" taking me for dinnerXD ohohohoh, I was so happy, he took me to china town and we went to an all-you-can eat place and I pigged out on Peking duck and other yummy stuff!!

That was such a nice day~~♡ haha~

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