Meeting Miku♡

Hi gals!
A few weeks ago on the 17th of March we met up with Miku in Shinjuku!

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Our look for meeting Miku♡
We wore our Venus Eyes sponsored by Pinkicon, such lovely lenses!!!
I (Emi) also have recently "stopped" using eyeliner, meaning I only do my wing after applying my eyelashes on (And a bit in my inner corners^^). And I really love doing it that way!

Of course we took a picture together and purikura~ 
I really like how the purikura turned out! Super cute! And Miku's hair looks just perfect!^^

Miku did not have a lot of time, but we sat down together in a cafe and chatted for a while, had a really nice time together! (Also! Ice cocoa is so good!)

Feel like we have been posting so little this month! Will try our best to be more active! 
Hope you liked this post♡

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With love♡

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