Hi gals!
Lately we have been having more off time, giving us space to just lazy around at home and chatting with the people in our share house, but on the 7th of March we decided to go for a bit to Harajuku and just walk around and have a nice day together! (Also a great way to wear your new clothes!!)

 Emi            Lea

Our look for the day~

Outfit :
Emi's cardigan: Luxe Rose
Top: Lip Service
Skirt: Rienda
Shoes: Lip Service
Belt: Delyle Noir
Lea's watch: DaTuRa

We have always liked OH MY GIRL, so for that days purikura we choose them!
They are also from Makesoft, and we can get their purikuras easily! (Not to mention Makesoft has the best purikuras!!!)

After walking around for a bit we decided to grab something to eat, so we entered a place that was diagonally against TuTuAnna (don't remember the name of the place). But the bad bloggers we have been lately we forgot to take a picture of our food! We got some hamburger salad! It was really good! But it was however way to cold in there! The air con was put on cold air, which was quite weird seeing as it was also quite cold outside:s
After eating we decided to check out TuTuAnna. But the last time we were in Japan we never really used to buy bras there as somehow we never felt that they "suited" or "looked" good on our breasts, Peach John on the other hand looked great! But we still decided to look and try some on, and we found some really good ones!! They are both cute, without being to cutesy, and make our breasts look great! We also found these really cute soft cardigans there that were perfect for our pajamas, so we bought that as well! (Also good to buy them so we don't flaunt too much at homexD)

It was a really nice and easy day and we had a great time!^^

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With love♡

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