Making New Friends

Hi Gals!
When we decided to go to Japan we of course had to get a place to stay and ended up choosing to stay in a share house in Asagaya, which is about a half an hour from Shibuya^^ Pretty nice in our oppinion^^ Then there are lots of shops and nice streets around here which is also really nice!
We didn't meet anyone from the share house until the second day (Monday) when we came home in the evening after a day out shopping and three people where standing outside smoking, so we of course introduce ourselves and started talking with them~ They all turned out to be really nice people and we spent the evening chatting away with them (Even gave them some Icelandic alcohol that we bought to give our friends^^)

On Thursday one of our housemates, Travis, asked if we wanted to go out together, which we said yes to. We had just been lazying around after shopping for some necessities for our room, so we just quickly slapped on a bit of makeup, not thinking much of where we might be going.
 First we walked over to Koenji to take some PuriKura, or PuriPuri like he called it xD

We then headed to Shinjuku nichome, and stopped at this bar where he knew everyone in it and got something to eat! The hamburgers there are really good! Just had to try it when we saw that they had a hamburger with avocado~~ So good (We were also pretty hungry as we hadn't eaten dinner yet).

Then we went to a bar called Ailara, where yet again he knew everyone. Since we don't drink we got some non-alcoholic Mojitos, it was good but really different from what we are used to. As I guess it was more "bitter", with no better word to describe it, than sweet. We usually use 7up, but they used something that was not sweet^^
Then after dancing there (and sucking at it as dancing is so not our forté) we went to another club called Dragon Men (??), if I remember correctly. There we also had a lot of fun! Everyone seemed to know Iceland and Travis even introduced us to this one guy that coincidentally was born on exactly the same day as us! Crazy coincidence!

Then we also met this guy, Pooh-chan and chatted a lot with him, his English is also pretty good! And before long it was already way past 3am and the bar was closingxD

Earlier in the evening we had been talking about tea's, but neither me nor Lea like it as it is usually too bitter for us. But when we got home, Travis made us some that he had been talking about, a mixture of Sakura and Jasmin Tea. It was quite soft and definitely not bitter! Could definitely see myself getting used to that one, but I could definitely not drink too much of it, for now at least!^^

Also, sorry for the delay on our Ageha posts!>< Will be posting it soonish!^^

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