Talking Makeup: Dolly Wink Eyebrow Pencil in Honey Beige

Hi gals!
Sorry for the lateness of this post! Still trying to get our timing with everything in order!^^
This week however we want to talk about the Eyebrow Pencil from Dolly Wink in Honey Beige!
Last time we talked about Heavy Rotation Shiny Jewel Eyeliner.

The packaging is pretty simple, but really cute! I think it goes really well with Tsu-chan's style as of late. Seeing as the old packaging was a lot more gyaru-ish and cutesy.

 Compared to the old design there is definitely more going on on the new one. But the old one only used to have "Dolly Wink" written on it, nothing else. So I think the addition of the butterfly's is really cute.

Swatches of the color. The color is really nice if you want really light eyebrows and you can build it up for a darker color. I have purchased it quite a few times and I don't know if they change the formula, or I just never noticed this before now, but applying this one on isn't really smooth.
This I say as I have the same one in a darker color and it comes on smoothly with no effort, which is completely different from this one as you have to somehow try a lot harder...if that makes any sense. 

Rating :
I used to really like it up until recently. But seeing as my hair color hasn't matched this one for a while I usually just used dark powder on top of it. As much as I used to like it I think I will stick to pencils that are softer than this one.

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