Sweets Selection + Meeting Pooh chan

Hi gals!
A few weeks ago on Friday the 4th of March, we went on a small snap photo shoot with Sweets Selection~

We will out some forms and then there was a time for taking photos~ 
For this time it was only in front of this "wall". I snapped some pics of Lea, but she didn't take any for me...-.-'   Well not that it matters much, I kind of dislike how I did my hair>< Best day for being unhappy about your hair!

After the photo shoot we decided to go and take some purikura in Club Sega, but on our way there we bumped into Pooh chan! We were so not expecting it! We decided to take purikura together, so he took us to Shibuya Mekka where we took some purikura. But he was WAY too tall for it! He is 184 and had to lean up against the walls so that his head would be in range of the cameraxD

Then since he had some time before going to work we went to a cafe together. We talked a lot and he taught us a lot of gyaru slang, he knows surprisingly much for a guy!xD

While in the cafe, Lea got an invite from her boyfriend to go to the restaurant he is currently helping out at, so right before Pooh chan had to go to work he walked us to Bee House, as we had NO idea where it was.
Upon getting there, we got some pineapple something something juice called Cinderella, salad and a steak. The latter ones to share, and it definitely was enough! And it was really good!

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With love♡

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