Dinner With Friends

Hi Gals!
The other day (Saturday the 28th), we had been planning to go to a Hanami with our friends, but bailed on them the last minute as we were too tired after only having 1 day off since coming to Japan>< But we decided to instead meet them up for dinner^^
Will definitely be trying to catch up on posts for the next few days! So hope you look forward to that!^^

We went to Shibuya where we chose a restaurant that mainly serves soba I think and the one we got was a cold soba with duck soup, which was really good!^^

We've actually never had cold soba (or maybe not even had soba before) so it was maybe a bit weird, but it did taste good^^

With Runa, she was really sad that we didn't come to the Hanami>< 
The first thing she wanted to know when we met her was whether we had brought Nero, our dog with us, but apparently she had been asking her mom and Ami about it earlier as wellxD
But she is just the cutest. She sat besides me and at one point she told to her mom "Mom, I am cold", to which she was told to wear her jacket that she had, but Runa then said "But I want the OTHER one". Which she then got, looked at me and asked "You only have one buttoned, right?" And then wore it in the same way as me and Lea, saying that we were triplets^^ SO cute!

Also my face is so red...-.- Didn't put any foundation, powder or anything on it><
Makeupless days sure are weird, but maybe they are needed once in a while...

As it then also turned out Runa is quite ticklish and made her mothers friend trade places with her!xD In that picture she is trying to tell me to tickle him to which I always jokingly responded "E? What did you say?". It was so cute as she really thought I didn't hear itxD

Group photo~ Yuuka, Ami, Joey(?), Lea, Me, Runa and...didn't catch his namexD
Actually met Yuuka through FB while in Japan and then last year in April she, Runa and Ami came to visit us in Iceland♡ It was such a fun time!

Then it was time to head home and Runa started sulking when she was told we wouldn't be staying over for tonight, but she got really happy when we held her hand all the way to the train station and then gave her her omiyage♡ We had some stuff to do in Shibuya so we said bye at the train station, but we will definitely meet them soon again^^

But we needed to go to Bic Camera to buy a cord for our pocket wifi, and also a charger for our iPod touch so that we didn't have to worry about the battery when out and about^^
Then we also bought a selfie stick (of coursexD). Also conveniently they have a bus going from Shibuya to Asagaya, so we decided to ride it, as we get to sit the whole way (takes a bit of a longer time, but great for when you are wearing heels and are getting tired^^)

Then we just HAD to cheat once and get Mister Donut, didn't buy much though, had to have a bit of self control and only bought those three to share^^ And they were really good!^^

Our days have been quite busy here, and luckily today we decided to take just a day off for ourselves (and REALLY luckily as the weather is so COLD). We've been catching up on some of our fav shows as well as applying for jobs, so just a pretty relaxing day all in all^^

Hope you guys are having a nice day and see you next time♡

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