Makeup Tutorial: Natural Onee Gyaru Makeup

April 02, 2015

Hi Gals!
We have been really busy so I feel like we haven't been posting a lot lately, really just haven't had the time for it>< But today we had a day where there was nothing on the schedule and I managed to finish four new posts that we will we posting in the next few days~~^^ So I hope you will look forward to that^^
Today I want to show you this makeup that I did that is on the more "natural" side, at least when it comes to gyaru.

Steps :
A. Apply black-ish purple in your crease and bit down on your eyelid using brush no.1.
B. Apply the same color lightly under your eyes with brush no.1.
C. Apply peach/orange toned eyeshadow on your eyelid.
D. Apply beige-ish brown with brush no.2 on your eyelid and crease.
E. Apply the peach/orange eyeshadow and apply under your eye in the inner corner.
F. Apply kohl eyeliner on your upper waterline and stretch it outward from your eye.
G. Apply eyeliner.

 The eyelashes are from Taobao I really love them so much! This time I also put them closer to the inner corner, which I find looks really cute!^^ The lenses are Venus Eye in Nudy Hazel, sponsored by Pinkicon~^^ 

Other Items Used : 

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