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by - April 13, 2015

Hi Gals!
Today I want to talk about these lenses that I got sponsored by Geeenie, called Kinrou!
Geeenie is located in Korea.
Packaging! The lens vials came in really cute pouches! Way too cute!

Basic Info :
♥Duration: Yearly
♥B.C.: 8.8mm
♥D.I.A: 15mm
♥Water Content: 38%
♥Price: 2980¥ (0.00) 4980¥ (Prescription)

They are yearly, but it is always really important to take good care of the lenses, so that you will be able to use them for such a long time.

With only one in and then both.
 Different lights (Bottom two quite similar though...xD)

Colour : 
Love this color, it stands out so much, which I like a lot! I feel that this color is very suited to darker looks!

Design : 
The design is not overly dramatic or anything, but it has a few brown colors mixed together with a black outer rim and I really like it!^^

Enlargement : 
They are 15mm, so they are quite big!^^
Comfort :   
I wore them for 12+ hours the first time I used them and no problems! But I did get tired in my eyes, but thankfully I had thought of that possibility and had a travel case and solution with me and just took them out! I have been using eyedrops when I wear them, but they don't dry my eyes that much.

 Two looks I did with these lenses^^

Overall Rating : 
Over all I love these lenses a lot and find them really comfortable! They are maybe a bit more "dramatic" for Onee Gyaru, but I am quite satisfied with them! And love them with darker makeup!♡

Looks I used them for :

Hope you liked this review, and please check out Geeenie's store!^^

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