Sand Clock in Yoyogi

Hi Gals!
The day after we went to see the flowers in bloom in Yoyogi we decided to go to Yoyogi yet again, this time to see our favorite band play live! They were playing in some event that was going on there, along with a lot of other musicians^^

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With love, Emi and Lea

Emi       Lea

Our look for the day~ The lenses are Venus Eye sponsored by Pinkicon~ They are great!

On our way there from Harajuku station, we ran into these two guys playing! And as we love bumping into new musicians we stayed to listen to them! They actually had really good songs so we bought their single, which only included two songs>< But both of them are really good!
They are called Wakaba^^

Then we hurried to the place, as we knew they would start playing shortly after 2'Oclock!^^ Unfortunately it started raining earlier and if you wanted to enter the stage zone you couldn't use your umbrella, but since we really wanted to see them up close we just bore with it and entered! Thankfully our hair escaped OK out of this ordeal! :P
The first pic is of the MC's and the other is of Sand clock, the key+vocal is named Takita Shuu, and the gui+vocal is Nagata Yoshiyuki^^ They sang one of our favorite songs, so we were really happy!^^

Twin shot~

After they played their song we walked around for a bit, then we heard that they were coming back on stage and hurried there to see them againxD Kind of hoping they were performing another song, but it was a collaboration with them and other artists^^
Then we have to admit that we became a bit of stalkers...
We noticed that there were some people waiting to the side of the stage, for the obvious reason of seeing the artists as they leave. So we decided to do the same.
And we kind of hit the jackpot as after waiting for a few minuted Yoshiyuki came out! We were super happy, especially seeing as he waved at us first! (Every fangirls dream right!?). So we mustered up the courage and went to talk with him, and he remembered us and even asked if we just recently came back from Iceland>< Then he shook our hands and we went our way><
We really wanted a photo with them both, but we didn't want to be too stalker-ish and wait until they came both out>< We already felt like such stalkersxD But so happy that we managed to say hi to Yoshiyuki!^^

Definitely a great day!

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With love♡

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